Windows 11 Release Preview Insiders get a ton of new stuff with build 22621.1926

Windows 11 Release Preview Insiders get a ton of new stuff with build 22621.1926

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Are you ready to take your Windows OS experience to the next level? Microsoft’s Release Preview Insiders have just received an exciting gift: Windows 11 build 22621.1926, packed with tons of new goodies! Get ready to explore what’s been updated, improved, and added in this eagerly-awaited release.
Windows 11 Release Preview Insiders get a ton of new stuff with build 22621.1926

1. The All-New Windows 11 Release Preview: A Sneak Peek

The Latest News on Windows 11

Windows 11 has been eagerly awaited by many in the tech world ever since the reveal of Windows 10 back in 2015. Recently, Microsoft has released a first look at the next generation of Windows with the release of the Windows 11 Release Preview.

  • The Early Access release provides users with a sneak peak that shows off the visual features and new UI that Windows 11 has to offer.
  • Rumored features include quick access to apps, notifications and settings for an easier user experience.
  • Windows 11 additionally introduces an updated redesign of the title bar and taskbar for smoother navigation.

Microsoft has not yet released a full picture of Windows 11 and the Release Preview is deemed as the first image of what the full version of Windows 11 may have in store. But, so far it’s clear that the tech leader is on the right track to creating one of the most advanced and visually appealing OSs yet.
1. The All-New Windows 11 Release Preview: A Sneak Peek

2. Build 22621.1926: Insiders Get a Host of New Features

Microsoft recently released build 22621.1926 to the insiders. It brings along a vast array of new features.

  • One of the new features is the ability to resize windows in the process of renaming multiple files.
  • Insiders can also take advantage of a new multi-tasking mode which will enhance their productivity.
  • The Windows Subsystem Linux 2 (WSL2) now comes with support for GPU compute with CUDA-enabled containers.

The new build also allows users to customize default theme and font settings. In addition to this, Microsoft has added a preview of Windows Terminal settings sync, which is set to further enhance the user experience. This feature allows users to transfer their configurations across devices quickly and with ease. Furthermore, insiders can take advantage of some known bug fixes.

3. Windows 11 Introduces Personalized Interfaces

Microsoft has completely revamped the Windows operating system with the launch of Windows 11. To ensure the ultimate user experience, the new OS comes with a slew of new features – one of the biggest is a customizable interface that ensures that your desktop and laptop work exactly how you want.

The personalized interface offered by Windows 11 allows users to completely tailor the way they interact with their device. You can customise the start menu to your liking, setting shortcuts to your favourite programs to the front for easy access and setting up widgets to display the information you want to keep up to date with. You can also personalise the backgrounds, themes and task bar for a look and feel that is truly unique. Windows 11 also comes with an array of built-in features to make the experience even smoother:

  • Integrated colour coordination across apps and programs.
  • Customisable action centres for notifications and quick access to settings.
  • Vastly improved taskbar for easy desktop navigation.
  • Intuitive layout and design that is easy to navigate.

With personalised interfaces, Windows 11 is revolutionising the way users interact with and use their device.

4. Stay Connected with Improved Voice & Video Chat

Stable, clear and lightning fast — saying goodbye to poor audio and video chat quality with our improved Voice & Video Chat! With regional servers located around the world, you can now start quality conversations with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Voice & Video Chat has improved features to better your conversations:

  • High quality chat audio & video: Stream your conversations in high definition, no matter the distance.
  • End-to-end encryption: Feel secure knowing your conversations are safe and secure.
  • Improved global network: Whether you’re talking to someone on the other side of the city or the other side of the world, you’ll have a lag-free connection.

Stay connected with friends and family by getting the most out of Voice & Video Chat! Enjoy a better experience with improved sound quality and ultra-fast streaming. Plus, with added layers of encryption, you can confidently chat with peace of mind.

5. Run More Apps Using the Built-in Task Manager

Whether you want to free up some RAM, open new tabs faster, or switch between different programs seamlessly, the built-in task manager is the perfect solution. This task manager helps you take control of your computer and make multitasking a breeze. With these five simple tips, you can learn to run more apps with the built-in task manager.

  • Identify running processes: Start by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager. Here you can view all the running processes to help you start managing them.
  • End unwanted tasks: If you’ve noticed a slowdown, you can select a process, click End Task, and shut it down. This step improves performance and frees up memory.
  • Free up RAM: The Processes tab allows you to select the Memory column to view how much RAM all of the running apps are using. If any process takes up too much of the RAM, you can again click End Task to free them up.
  • Start new tasks: To start an application with the Task Manager, click the File option and then select Run new task. Here, you can type the application’s name or its’ path to launch it.
  • Set Affinity: If you’re running multiple CPU-heavy processes, you can divide the load among them by using the Set Affinity option. This way, you can specify the amount of cores or processors a process could use.

By learning how to use the task manager’s features, you can easily gain more control over the apps running on your computer. By becoming aware of each process, you can prioritize the more important ones and give them more resources as necessary.

6. Enjoy Enhanced Security and Performance on Windows 11

Windows 11 delivers ample advantages when it comes to security and performance. With a few simple steps, you can safeguard yourself against malicious software, while improving the speed and reliability of your system.

  • Start with regularly scanning your system to detect and remove any viruses or malware.
  • You can also enable Windows Firewall to protect you against network-level threats.

For peak performance, consider deleting redundant files that are lurking on your system by using an appropriate utility. Moreover, it’s possible to optimize your system’s memory use to ensure that applications run at maximum speeds. Additionally, be sure to keep all your software up to date, as this will reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities and ensure that your system runs effectively. Windows 11 Release Preview Insiders have something to look forward to with build 22621.1926 – hours of exciting exploration into all the new features that have been unveiled. The era of Windows 11 has just begun, and as more updates become available, a world of possibilities awaits. Be part of the journey and be among the first to experience the future of Windows – it’s out of this world.

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